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Many materials are provided to BNI members as part of their introductory kit when they first join BNI. Amongst other things, members receive a card file holder to hold all of the members' business cards; a business card badge holder; a lapel pin; and an orientation CD by Dr. Misner the founder of BNI.


The Orientation Kit

BNI Orientation Kit

In addition members receive a comprehensive 60 page New Member Success Training Manual, and have available to them an extensive library of networking tips on recorded tapes, and all the materials they will need to successfully work the BNI system.



All of Dr. Ivan Misner's books, as well as many other materials are available to all BNI members to help them improve their networking skills and build their businesses.

Chapter Members' Card Display (44 cards)

BNI Card Display

The silent referral generator! Fill this display with your chapter members' business cards and position it in your reception area to generate referrals for you. Please click on the picture for more information and details of how to order.

Mini Invitations

BNI Mini Invitations

If you have trouble telling people about BNI, why not give out one of these mini invitations when you give out your business card? Please click on the picture for more information and details of how to order.

BNI Neck Tie

BNI Mini Invitations

Increase your chances of generating referrals and bringing visitors by provoking the question, "What's that?" This silk BNI neck tie will make you the talk of the town.

For more information contact Howard Marco of the Edgwarebury chapter (020- 8906 7723, ) for more information or to purchase a BNI neck tie.

BNI Official Logos

You can download the official logo's for use in promotional materials for your chapter from the website

Click here for the logos...

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